Before I started my term in university, I worked as an apprentice at a stone sculpture studio for 3 years. My attraction to stone as a malleable material began in my childhood, which is the essential element of my work thus far.  During my university studies in 2014 I started to create a self-potrait series which now includes six pieces, inspired by Franz Xaver Messerschmidt.   Most of my portraits were made from andesite, an intermediate volcanic rock. These portraits may be considered as my self-analysis.  The emphasis of my portraits is not only the metacommunicative expression and grasping the general mood but also to improve sculptural properties.  Besides being inspired by art history, my own personal experiences contribute greatly to the development of my series.


My larger-sized plaster-assemblage figure compositions originated from my portraits and their procession methods, which are reproductions of biblical and mythological stories. The formation of these art pieces cites the classical era of art history, which is connected to the present by models and interpretations from the contemporary era. I omit conventional iconography so that it allows me more freedom to express myself. With these new depictions, they may evoke feelings that are perplexing or the viewer may find it unusual and confusing. New emphasis is created in the interpretation while the work is being decrypted. My work has been mostly focused on this exciting experiment. The plaster model of my degree work, titled David was the first stage of my current activity. Goliath, the defeated biblical figure is my self-portrait, lying on the ground, over which David is towering above who himself is a self portrait of Nándor Tunkel a dwarf paralympic sportsman.   This work of art speaks of the reinterpretation of the idolized body, the overcoming of mental obstacles and complexes and the victory of vitality.   This composition carved from andesite, deepens the significance of the sculpture’s vigour.


Born: 1988, Marcali, Hungary


2011 – 2017 – University of Fine Arts of Hungary, Faculty of Sculptural Arts, Budapest

Masters: Pál Kő, Péter Gálhidy, Géza Sallai

Solo Exhibitions:

2019 – Deak Palace, Budapest

2018 – Livia–villa, Budapest

Group Exhibitions:

2019 – Vigadó Gallery, Budapest

2019 – Art Colony of Szentendre

2018 – New Budapest Gallery, Budapest

2018 – Studio of Young Artists’ Association

2017 – MANK Gallery, Szentendre

2017 – Autumn Art-Exhibition in Vásárhely

2017 – János Damjanich Museum, Szolnok

2016 – Epreskert, Budapest

2016 – Kiskép Gallery, Budapest

2016 – Autumn Art-Exhibition in Vásárhely

2016 – Vigadó Gallery, Budapest

2015 – Parthenon Frieze, Budapest

2015 – Bartók 1 Gallery, Budapest

2015 – Autumn Art-Exhibition in Vásárhely

2014 – Bartók 1 Gallery, Budapest

2014 – Autumn Art-Exhibition in Vásárhely

2013 – Art Market, Budapest


2019 – Gyula Derkovits Fine Arts Scholarship

2018 – Head-prize of Hódmezővásárhely Town of County Rank and the Tornyai-plaque

2017 – Hungarian Academy of Arts Scholarship

2016 – Autumn Art-Exhibition in Vásárhely, Miklós Galyasi Award for Excellence

2015 – Autumn Art-Exhibition in Vásárhely, Pál Kincses Award

2015 – Jenő Barcsay Anatomy-plaque

2014 – Autumn Art-Exhibition in Vásárhely, Ministry of Human Resources Award